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show WOOW! Clown, Circus, Visual, Non verbal, Tout Public - cie BRUBOC

Cie BRUBOC was born in 2019 from the artistic and life encounter of Andrea and Teresa. It is a project that is also family history, as a synthesis and realisation of the desire of both to travel the world through art. It is the union of two long and structured 20-year paths, the meeting of two souls who support each other to make their madness real. Cie BRUBOC creates TOUT PUBLIC shows, suitable for all ages, and takes inspiration from the great masters who have pursued this goal: the poetics of the clown of Chaplin and Keaton, the imagination of Fellini and the true and direct comedy of Benigni.



She is an actress, clown, trainer and director. Beginning as an acrobat, she studied dance, mime, voice, physical theatre in particular with André Casaca. Founder and Organising Director of Teatro C'art since 2002. She is a graduate and teacher of the "Functional Voice Method" at MODAI in Turin. Author of the clown shows "Famiglia Vagalume", "Matrimonio Italiano", "Rosa", represented in major European and Italian festivals. Since 2019, she collaborates with Andrea Bochicchio in the show "WOOW!".



He is an actor, trainer specialised in Improvisation, Clown, Physical Theatre and Commedia dell'Arte. He graduated with honours from Philiph Radice's University of the Performing Arts and studied Commedia dell'Arte with all the greatest masters. Since 2013, he has been on stage with his shows in Italy and Europe and since 2017 he has been Doctor Patè for Theodora Foundation, a reality working alongside children in hospital. Since 2019 he has been collaborating with Teresa Bruno in the show "WOOW!".


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